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Features of the company at a glance

Construction of more than 58 all-industrial slaughterhouses worldwide

Consulting & design 

Consulting and design
Design of 0 to 100 industrial slaughterhouses for sheep (light livestock) and industrial slaughterhouses for cattle (heavy livestock) by presenting architectural plans, structures, mechanical and electrical facilities, with the approval of the Veterinary Organization and designing steel tanks and structures and all equipment and devices Required slaughterhouse line, refrigeration and packaging, refinery and recycling

Construction & installation

Construction and installation
Construction and installation of equipment and devices for light and heavy industrial slaughterhouses using specialized and experienced staff

Equipping & renovating

Equipping and renovating
Equipment used in rendering unit, peeling machine, hydraulics, automatic lines and conveyors and equipment along the line, packaging, ossification and machines for producing blood powder, plasma powder and meat powder, etc.

About company 

Ehdas Sanat company (ESC) in the field of design, construction, installation and commissioning of industrial slaughterhouses around the world. The company employs specialized and experienced staff (consisting of architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers with master’s and doctoral degrees), advanced and up-to-date workshop facilities and relying on decades of experience, various projects in Executes in all around the world and announces its readiness to provide all consulting services, design, equipment and commissioning in the form of contract management (engineering, supply and construction) in slaughterhouse projects.

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  • Quality guarantee

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Steps in building an industrial slaughterhouse?


Get permissions

The construction of an industrial slaughterhouse requires obtaining permits from the relevant bodies, including the Veterinary Organization, and our collection will be with you from the beginning and will put its reputation in the country at your service to facilitate this process.


Design and construction

After submitting the initial drawings and receiving the permits, the final drawings should be prepared and sent to the workshop for construction. Our collection will be with you here with its experts in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, mechanics and electricity. 


Installation, commissioning and training

 The installation and commissioning of the equipment itself was a specialized process, and not using specialized personnel in this regard will incur costs and problems for the project. Our collection will be with you until the production of the product with its many experiences.

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